Dude Perfect Tour

In 2019, our team took on a project that encapsulated our areas of expertise to bring together a new kind of show, completely unique to the industry. Our clients, Dude Perfect, had taken YouTube by storm, reaching over 45 million subscribers. Primarily known for their viral trick shot videos, they decided it was time to bring their show to the live space.

One of the most challenging elements of this project would prove to be honoring the client’s vision in a live show, something entirely new to them. We accomplished this by finding new, creative ideas to bring elements of their videos and personalities into the real-time space. One example of this was building larger-than-life fabrications that were both functional and interactive to help create the experience they wanted to bring to the stage. We also worked with them to provide engaging programming and captivating digital elements to bring real-life color to their show. 

This tour traveled over 21 cities in major markets, reaching well over 150,000 people in just 2 months. Dude Perfect released a YouTube documentary in early 2020 that would tell the story of their history as growing YouTube sensations, as well as their new experience touring with an all new show. 

Their next tour is scheduled for 2021, will feature over 30 cities and all-new programming elements like never before.


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